Who Are the Stars In Your Story This Season?


Seeking New Heights Do you know who the stars are of your story this holiday season? Growing up as the oldest of five boys, there was never a shortage of places or opportunities ripe for exploration and discovery. My brothers and I built a treehouse during our preteen years not unlike one my father had … Continue Reading

Can A Cell Phone Cause Fatal Trauma?


Survivors How does a cell phone become a lethal weapon? Since the start of this blog over one year ago, I’ve been focused on trauma and disease survivors including those enduring any kind of life-changing challenges. We are all surrounded by heroes and warriors for whom life has demanded remarkable feats of strength and courage. … Continue Reading

5 Ways Anyone Can Benefit From Music


A Worthy Question As a physician, patients frequently asked me questions about my life, including those about why I do what I do. Their interest is often a barometer indicating they’re closer to recovery. Their focus begins to turn outward instead of inward. Recently, one of the questions I received gave me pause (and cause) … Continue Reading

Does Time Really Heal All Wounds?


Time Enough? Whoever said, ” Time heals all wounds.” didn’t have it quite right. While time may partly heal some wounds, residual injury to certain types of wounds can benefit from more time! In fact, a lifetime may be insufficient. One type of wound that never seems to have enough time to heal, is the grievous emotional … Continue Reading

Good-Bye; Humble Warrior and Soldier of God


End of a Battle This past week a loving daughter, wife, sister, and mother as well as a dear friend and warrior of God was called home to be with Jesus. Shari Oulman, whom I, and many others have been inspired by http://drmarkmcd.com/2016/10/19/3-tools-in-a-warriors-arsenal/ defeated cancer more than three times, and was definitively victorious in death this past … Continue Reading

A Life Changing Near Death Experience – Part II


The title of my last post http://drmarkmcd.com/2017/02/21/life-changing-effects-near-death-experience/ alluded to the effects of a near-death experience. Unbeknownst at the time to me, I was having one. I wouldn’t have a name for it until later in life. All I knew, was that an end to my current life, in that moment, was a welcome proposition—a burning desire of … Continue Reading

Life Changing Effects of a Near-Death Experience


Near-Death Experience Near-death experience(s) (NDE) were named and studied by Raymond Moody in 1975 but countless examples date back as far as the 18th century, with numerous similarities being documented. Modern references characterize them as “an unusual experience taking place on the brink of death and recounted by a person after recovery. Typically an out … Continue Reading

4 Reasons The Bible Is A Worthy Resource For Life


The Bible How do we know the Bible is the book it claims to be? During my career as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I frequently care for survivors of trauma, and or, life changing disease. Beyond being a physician, I too am also a survivor of severe trauma and life changing disease. Because of … Continue Reading

2016, The Worst Year Ever!


Christmas Eve “2016, The worst year ever!” It was an article’s headline in a local newspaper and quoted by my pastor at the beginning of the Christmas Eve service. The sermon clearly depicted the sentiments of more than a few this holiday season. It’s not difficult to appreciate the verity of such a grim expression. … Continue Reading

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