Dr. Mark McDonough MD PT

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark McDonough. Glad you stopped by. My passion is for anyone needing to restore, maintain, and improve the body, mind, and spirit—especially as a result of personal tragedy, but for any other reason as well. I have been labeled, like many others, as a survivor. Overcoming some challenges has includedI a long bout with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a debilitating neurological disease, as a child. Later I survived a house fire that claimed the lives of several family members and left me with extensive burns over 60% of my body. As an adult I also survived a stroke, in addition to heart valve disease and other non-physical diseases and mental challenges. As a former patient, physical therapist, and now a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I have a unique personal perspective on the journey that is recovery. In the last few years, I have stepped back from full-time practice after additional medical challenges, although I still volunteer my services at local clinics. My focus has turned to helping people who are experiencing pain find the healing they need today and the hope to pursue a brighter tomorrow.
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