End of a Battle

This past week a loving daughter, wife, sister, and mother as well as a dear friend and warrior of God was called home to be with Jesus. Shari Oulman, whom I, and many others have been inspired by https://drmarkmcd.com/2016/10/19/3-tools-in-a-warriors-arsenal/ defeated cancer more than three times, and was definitively victorious in death this past week.

Shari’s lovely photo should appear in Webster’s dictionary as an example of “humility.” After all, one of Shari’s legacies is humility. The life she lived was clearly a life that personified humility. On the surface Shari was undaunted while fighting like hell inside.

Shari was nothing if not humble, courageously battling cancer on numerous fronts as it waged a ferocious war upon her and her loved ones. She was also a shining example of grace and all the “Fruits of the Spirit,” especially love. She loved and cherished her husband Lance, daughter Sarah, along with anyone she met throughout her brave and valorous fight.

A Never-Ending Fight—Grace & Vulnerability

The medical complexities and specifics are less important. Suffice it to say, her disease once again resurfaced, intent upon defeating her, as it raged on in many parts of her body.

Never one to allow pride to build walls of separation, Shari always remained open and willing to share her many battle scars of love. On social media she rallied for support, while remaining transparent and vulnerable to her many friends.

Like Popeye the Sailor one could almost hear the courageous cries, “I am what I am! Now here’s the plan.” Then with faith to move a mountain, she’d take the next step—posting pertinent photos on the internet so we could rally alongside her.

A Mother’s Pride

Her husband Lance and daughter Sarah have been Shari’s greatest advocates. A sidekick, stuck like glue, Sarah stood guard for all of her life, never one to let Mom fight alone. Her own emotional scars have contributed to her lasting beauty and authenticity.

Throughout her journey Shari continued to live as a faithful soldier of God. She always trusted in Him and His will for her. I feel confident that her family and friends, along with the readers of this post, will pray for her family as well as the many loved ones she leaves behind.

Shari was a never-ending example of strength, intrepid and dauntless character with everything she faced. She lived life always with a “newness” and positive fortitude.

We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the father, we too may live a new life. Rom. 6:4


Shari’s life was a living testimony of these character traits. With prayer she demonstrated a faith that was never ending. This allowed her the inner strength to persevere, without panic or fear, as she faced her long and continual war against her disease.

A Glass Half Full

Throughout her battle, and no doubt before, Shari always projected a positive attitude of gratitude. She prayed fervently that God willing, she’d live to see Sarah grow to be an adult. Shari’s prayer was granted .

Sarah grew to be the loving image of her mom. Amazingly, Sarah was twenty-one months old when Shari received her first cancer diagnosis—osteogenic sarcoma. She not only reached the age of nineteen, but also projects the same selfless and loving spirit.

Prayer never fails when we avoid making demands of God. Instead, we should ask that He grant us a willingness to face critical challenges. Please pray for Shari, and her everlasting life in the arms of Jesus. Our hearts and prayers are also for Sarah, and Lance. They surely need the comfort, strength, and love from surrounding friends and family.



The fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is hope. The fruit of hope is love. The fruit of love is sacrifice. The fruit of sacrifice is peace and joy. The fruit of peace and joy is everlasting life. Mother Teresa










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