Pandemic Blessings


May we all remain acutely aware of the many blessings evident during this pandemic. Look for silver linings reflected within the otherwise clouds of gloom characterizing this “invisible enemy.”

During such uncertain, precarious times, we all need to know that we can still rely on certain truths.

We’re called, during stressful times, to reach for a fortitude within. We must allow our American Spirit to define our own answer to this call. Time will reveal the “hows and whys”, or where the proverbial ball was dropped.

Doing anything beyond facilitating our way toward solutions, is not prudent. In the midst of chaos, we need to vigilantly remain focused on our assets, ignoring apparent deficits.

We also remain grateful for all of those “solutions,” and the never-ending supply of people, their skills, and ideas. Now is not the time for blame, or listing the reasons we started the race behind.

It is a time for THANKS–to those on the front line as well as those on all fronts, selflessly welcoming new challenges within their own stories toward solutions.


Forged Through Fire: Released September 3, 2019



Hello again to those following, or new to The PhoenixDoc, Before You Exit, Spiritual Warfare, or this blog. Also, hello to the other disciples of life, going beyond survival, and trusting in God’s help. As a platform for survivors of disease, trauma, and all life-changing events,  highlights the stories behind spiritual warriors of all types.

We’re all in “Survival Mode” of one type or another.

As the stress of uncertain times triggers our anxieties, let’s fix our gazes on the endless numbers of volunteers and helpers doing that which needs doing.

Look to those who are helping for leadership–now more than ever.


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New Roles Identify Leaders Everywhere.

World Pandemic


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During this “unprecedented” time in history, the meaning of Pandemic, and our understanding of it,  has evolved. It has done so as rapidly as our own responses to it.

We may not have seen this before (unprecedented) but we were not blind-sided.

If in our responses, we should fail in any way, let it not be as a result our own fear or ignorance. We need to remain objectively unbiased. We must learn new lessons based on sound data, as our knowledge and our understanding evolve.

As many have said, we will survive this together as a group. As with any trial, there’s always the hope and potential, that through our survival (or forging), we’ll grow stronger individually and in community.

My prayer remains that we not allow our own insecurities to prevent us from visualizing the safest path forward, based on the scientific facts we continue to gather.

Forged Through Fire…ugh-fire/395030

It has been such an honor to share my personal struggle through the most emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges of my unique journey. I’ve been blessed to meet so many incredible difference-makers this past year.

In the same way, our world is also on a collective journey revealing many individuals and institutions, seeking and finding, ways toward solutions and serving others. People in all walks of life, from entertainment to manufacturing, are finding new ways to do “what they can,” as we grow up to a new normal.

Should this pandemic leave readers with extra time, it would be my honor to see them reading Forged Through Fire, available everywhere.

Forged Through Fire

Music Is A Universal Language

Before You Exit: Love, Pain, & Retrospect

In their LP, Love, Pain, and Retrospect, BYE has illustrated some of life’s greatest themes. Historically, music has always served to connect us emotionally to the world around us. Through faith and love, over time, they look back at the Grace and Mercy we receive, growing to serve better.

It’s well beyond time that we all begin to appreciate one another as individual and precious family members. Pandemic blessings surround us!these Those we don’t yet know are valuable lives we’ve yet to meet! Every individual we encounter has the potential to be a vital character in our own story.

God is the one Author, who knows the ending to our eternal story.

And these are some “certain truths,” on which we may rely—during these uncertain, and all times.

Comments or “your story” welcome!

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