Healing for Today.
Hope for Tomorrow.

Dr. Mark survived burns over 60% of his body, endured the pain of great personal tragedy, and triumphed over severe emotional trauma to become a renowned plastic surgeon. Now he helps people survive tragedy and pain.

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About Dr. Mark

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark McDonough. Glad you stopped by.

I am passionate about the need to restore, maintain, and improve the body, mind, and spirit—especially after experiencing a personal tragedy.

I am a survivor. I overcame Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a debilitating neurological disease, as a child. Later in youth I survived a house fire that claimed the lives of several family members and left me with extensive burns over 60% of my body. I’ve even been challenged with the rehabilitation and recovery from a paralyzing stroke, and years later congestive heart failure that mandated open-heart cardiac valve surgery.

As a former patient and now a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I’ve been granted a uniquely personal perspective regarding the often-treacherous journey to recovery.

As you may have noticed, I love backpacking, flying, and even more, sailing. There is something special to be cherished about the means by which we travel, the path itself, rather than the destination, as long as it’s to a place of hope.  Engaging the open waters  sailing to a new destination never fails to bring peace and tranquility to my soul.

My focus has turned to helping people who are experiencing emotional or physical pain as they battle the effects of disease and trauma.  It would be an honor to help others find the healing they need today and the hope to pursue a brighter tomorrow.

Obstacles and opportunities to fall await all of us along the journey; choosing whether and how to rise again is yours.  It would be my honor to help you do so.

In the last few years, I have stepped back from full-time practice after additional medical challenges, although I still volunteer my services at local clinics.

How can Mark help you?


Pain Relief

When tragedy strikes, the pain—both physical and emotional—can be overwhelming. You need to know you are not alone and have a guide who has been in a similar place and survived. Mark has known pain on his life journey and offers practical advice for finding the healing you need.


Spiritual Direction

When life hurts, we can choose our response. It’s not hard for some people to choose anger and drown in a sea of bitterness. Through his own painful life journey, Mark learned to survive, and even more, to thrive —leaning into his faith in God.

Now he offers direction and guidance to others who are suffering the pain and anguish, bereft from the effects of disease or trauma, to find their faith once again.


Spiritual Direction

The last thing you need to deal with when tragedy strikes or pain overwhelms you and your loved ones is a health care system that doesn’t seem to work for you. Dr. Mark knows the system well, having worked within it for decades. Now he offers practical insights on how to navigate it successfully to get the help you need.


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