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Dr. Mark McDonough has many speaking engagements with local and national groups like the Phoenix Society World Burn Congress on topics related to healing and recovery. He shares his life story with his audiences and focuses on making it come alive for them. As a speaker in events, he wants the participants to hope for a better tomorrow and be encouraged by sentiments of positivity regardless of the challenges they face.

What You Can Expect From Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark knows the struggle of sitting through hundreds of boring presentations in the medical world. This is why he strives to stimulate the audience’s curiosity and interest. Here are some of his expectations of himself during his speaking engagements:

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Battling a Rare Autoimmune Disorder

He survived Guillain-Barre syndrome, which causes the immune system to attack the myelin sheath (conductive insulator) around peripheral nerves. This mainly affected his respiratory muscles and caused progressive pain and weakness in the extremities. During his treatment, doctors had to place him in an “iron lung” to prevent fatal respiratory failure at the age of 5.


Tragedy in His Family

The summer before his 17th birthday, their two-story home caught on fire. After helping his three younger brothers escape, he tried in vain to save his mother and youngest brother. He almost lost his life and was unconscious from immense pain and smoke inhalation. This tragedy resulted in extensive burns over 60% of his body and 30 agonizing skin-grafting and reconstructive surgical procedures. With the undying help of medical professionals, he took physical and occupational therapy sessions to learn to walk again and use his reconstructed hands.

Overcoming the Pain

For a very long time, Dr. Mark had to suffer debilitating pain. He refused to be defined by these painful experiences and only focused on getting back up to face those battles again. Later, he began to reconnect with his core values and belief systems and become empowered by his near-death experience. Through our courage, he overcame those tragedies and restored harmony to his body, mind, and spirit. Currently, he shares his insights and testimony of the kind of faith that we all call upon during life’s painful trials and tribulations.


His Medical Career

Dr. Mark first became a physical therapist to help patients suffering from severe burns, trauma, and debilitating diseases. Later, he became a medical doctor and earned his M.D. from Case Western Reserve University. After completing his residency in general surgery at the University of South Florida and plastic surgery at Vanderbilt University, he became a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a practice in Central Florida.

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